Unique Features

VirtualX offers the perfect platform to conduct online exams, tests and Quizzes. This online test product can be used across all the organization types. Some of the key features are listed below

  • Role based access and security for users
  • Schedule exams to individual or group, notify examinee
  • Author and Organize questions
  • Supports 14 different types of questions
  • Supports to write formulas and equations
  • Secure delivery of questions during exam
  • Randomized presentation of question
  • Generate Reports and Results
  • Graphical analysis
  • Easy mark based evaluation process
  • IP Based Access Controls during Exam Attending
  • Manual evaluation for Descriptive type questions
  • Multiple language support
  • Support the creation of homework to a group
  • Can able to create the questions in different modes
  • Support the creation of question bank
  • Can able to assign a question to question bank
  • Question can be tagged
  • Support the filtering of questions on the basis of question types, tags and question banks
  • Extension of time for the Homework
  • Support of negative marking in exams

We have something to be proud of!


Question Types

VirtualX provides various types of questions that supports various organization types.



Features of VirtualX makes it an easy yet powerful web based online exam management software that caterers all your online examination management requirements.


Organizations supported

VirtualX has the features that provide flexibility to support various types of organizations like school,college and university.